Arran Coastal Path, Scotland; April 2017

On a brighter morning than the forecast suggested we sailed to Brodick, the small port on the East of Arran. The ferry was absolutely packed and it seemed there was a memo for all and sundry to spill forth onto the little island, the so called Scotland in miniature. The plan was to walk the Arran Coastal … Continue reading Arran Coastal Path, Scotland; April 2017


Chrome Hill, Peaks; April 2017

A walk on a glorious day through the environs of Buxton, which, whilst out of the national park, is nestled in the Peaks. The sun was shining and it felt more like summer than an early spring day which kept me going through the early dull sections of the walk. It's always a bit tricky … Continue reading Chrome Hill, Peaks; April 2017

Porto, Portugal; March 2017

I can't quite remember why we picked Porto, but it was deemed a good place to get away for a long weekend in the late winter/early spring of the UK - to be honest there is not much to distinguish seasons here anymore anyway. I'm sure there were seasons when I was young and that … Continue reading Porto, Portugal; March 2017

Scafell Pike & Eskdale, Lake District; March 2017

Day 1 - Corridor Route of Scafell Pike to Eskdale My friend invited me along to a hike with his colleagues from work last weekend and since I had planned to go away hiking somewhere it seemed like a great opportunity. We had a really early start to get up to the trailhead and I … Continue reading Scafell Pike & Eskdale, Lake District; March 2017

Penyghent & Whernside, Yorkshire Dales NP; November 2016

I've neglected hiking for the latter part of this year - Yes I did my annual long distance path in Scotland, managed a couple of Lakes Weekends, but that daily hiking, which I used to be really good at maintaining, has slipped by the wayside somewhat. Now, that's for various reasons none of which are … Continue reading Penyghent & Whernside, Yorkshire Dales NP; November 2016

Black Sheep Brewery & Middleham Brewery, Yorkshire Dales; November 2016

My friend from university organised a trip to the Dales to stay in a cottage around a trip to the Black Sheep Brewery which is in Masham (Mas-Ham) a pleasant market town with many avenues to add to your waistline! I was a little anxious about the beer as my tastes have moved on since … Continue reading Black Sheep Brewery & Middleham Brewery, Yorkshire Dales; November 2016

Athens, Greece; October 2016

Athens took me a little by surprise or maybe just occupied a void of imagination. It doesn't fit into the pattern of London, Paris, Rome etc. It's a much smaller, intimate city which has much more in common with likes of Leeds and Manchester. Sure, for the most part it's not an architectural wonder, it's … Continue reading Athens, Greece; October 2016

Galaxidi, Greece; October 2016

Galaxidi is a pleasant, sleepy town on the Gulf of Corinth. It's built round the nucleus of an old village perched on top of a small rise which has streets of typically greek houses radiating out. We didn't have too long here, but it was nice to wander and then found a taverna with boisterous … Continue reading Galaxidi, Greece; October 2016

Ancient Delphi, Greece; October 2016

Apparently Zeus worked out that Delphi was the centre of the world by setting off two eagles from the extremities of his domain and seeing where they met. Seems flawless to me and I assume those cars we all think Google are photographing streets are actual perpetually colliding to map the world accurately. Delphi's provenance aside … Continue reading Ancient Delphi, Greece; October 2016