Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; May 2017

After spending one day in Malacca I had a couple of days in KL. At first I wasn't too impressed with the city - I was enjoying being in the country. However, I warmed to it in the end, but really near the end - as I was walking in the evening to get the … Continue reading Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; May 2017

Athens, Greece; October 2016

Athens took me a little by surprise or maybe just occupied a void of imagination. It doesn't fit into the pattern of London, Paris, Rome etc. It's a much smaller, intimate city which has much more in common with likes of Leeds and Manchester. Sure, for the most part it's not an architectural wonder, it's … Continue reading Athens, Greece; October 2016

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is probably the most known town after Tokyo in Japan and known for it's temples. These are scattered over the city and if you insist on seeing every temple you would take days and days over it and, unless you are a¬†real¬†enthusiast, you are going to get sick of looking at them - even … Continue reading Kyoto, Japan