Kanazawa, Japan

An old town near the coast with a heritage of Gold, Geishas and Samurai. Another place for wandering through streets, getting lost in parks and graveyards; being lost without purpose and not worrying what a guidebook tells you to be doing.

Norikura-Dake & Around, Japanese Alps.

A great few days here walking and climbing. The hiking season was still a little way off as they get a lot of snow here. So it was ice axe and crampons and cutting steps which is very tiring, but it was worth getting onto one of the Norikura peaks for some great views. The … Continue reading Norikura-Dake & Around, Japanese Alps.

A few shots around Aomori and Sapporo, Japan

I didn't have very long in these places, they were stopovers to break up long train journeys. I did manage to fit in a trip to the Sapporo Beer Museum. It was here that my tolerance for the Japanese using the word premium pretty much everywhere snapped when I was given a pretty poor dairylea cheese … Continue reading A few shots around Aomori and Sapporo, Japan