A Couple of Days in the Northern Pennines

Each year we try and fit in a trip to Greg's Hut which is on the Pennine Way just off the summit of Cross Fell. It's one of very few bothies in England and a nice alternate to putting a tent up after walking all day! Wee disclaimer: If you plan on walking this route, … Continue reading A Couple of Days in the Northern Pennines

Blencathra & Skiddaw in VERY high Winds , Lake District.

After having food poisoning last week and being in a pretty bad way I wanted to do something after to start to feel human again. I was keen to go with Mike, Ross and Dean to the Lakes as I had missed out on the Peaks earlier this year due to flu. So a nice … Continue reading Blencathra & Skiddaw in VERY high Winds , Lake District.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is probably the most known town after Tokyo in Japan and known for it's temples. These are scattered over the city and if you insist on seeing every temple you would take days and days over it and, unless you are a¬†real¬†enthusiast, you are going to get sick of looking at them - even … Continue reading Kyoto, Japan

Neko Maru Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

Here's some pictures from a Cat Cafe in Japan. It was a completely different feel to the petting zoo at Ueno zoo as the animals were all well cared for and in great condition. There were strict rules about interacting with the cats, such as not waking sleeping kitties and where to pet them, which … Continue reading Neko Maru Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

This week I have been felled by some foul bacteria or virus which has played merry hell with by gastro-intestinal tract with cold, unfeeling efficiency. To take my mind off it I thought I would process a few photos from Tokyo. This includes a few from the depressing Ueno Zoo which is a case study … Continue reading Tokyo, Japan