A Couple of Days in the Northern Pennines

Each year we try and fit in a trip to Greg’s Hut which is on the Pennine Way just off the summit of Cross Fell. It’s one of very few bothies in England and a nice alternate to putting a tent up after walking all day!

Wee disclaimer: If you plan on walking this route, particularly the first half, you need to be experienced and aerobically fit – the off route part is gruelling and requires vigilance and route finding skills.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 21.11.13

We split the above route over two days. One along the ride to Greg’s hut and the the next day hiking to Langwathby along the Pennine Way and Maiden’s Way.

The first day, whilst only 15 – 18 miles (unclear exactly how much as we had to re route constantly due to hiking off path, was tough if quite short and we arrived at Greg’s Hut fairly tired.

The next day was more like 25 miles and tiring for a different reason – we finished very early, around 3, and had a few drinks at the pub in Langwathby before a long train journey back home.

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