Penyghent & Whernside, Yorkshire Dales NP; November 2016

I've neglected hiking for the latter part of this year - Yes I did my annual long distance path in Scotland, managed a couple of Lakes Weekends, but that daily hiking, which I used to be really good at maintaining, has slipped by the wayside somewhat. Now, that's for various reasons none of which are … Continue reading Penyghent & Whernside, Yorkshire Dales NP; November 2016

The Skye Trail, Scotland; August 2016

After last year's Cape Wrath trail I want, and continue to want, to find routes which require you to leave paths behind and make your way across open countryside. The Skye trail isn't as demanding as the CWT, but it's tough in places - especially the Trotternish Ridge which pulls you up and down 8 … Continue reading The Skye Trail, Scotland; August 2016

A Weekend in The Lakes 

Had a great weekend in the lakes walking a 60 mile loop from Windermere to Ambleside. This took in Fairfield, High Raise and the ridge north of it and Glaramara & Allen Crags. First day there was zero visibility, but it was great after that.                                               … Continue reading A Weekend in The Lakes 

Norikura-Dake & Around, Japanese Alps.

A great few days here walking and climbing. The hiking season was still a little way off as they get a lot of snow here. So it was ice axe and crampons and cutting steps which is very tiring, but it was worth getting onto one of the Norikura peaks for some great views. The … Continue reading Norikura-Dake & Around, Japanese Alps.

Rishiri Island, Hokkaido; Japan

This is a small island off the North West of Hokkaido. My friend and I rented mountain bikes and cycled round the island (Roughly 50 miles or so I think) and I also cycled up a HEP service track until it turned into boulders which my non elite skills didn't allow me to surpass. It's … Continue reading Rishiri Island, Hokkaido; Japan

Kamikawa & Kurodake, Hokkaido; Japan

Well, it's taking me a long time to get round to posting photos, but better late than never! Kamikawa is very small and fraying at the edges with lots of abandoned hotels around. However, it's a stunning valley reminding me of Yosemite Valley. Beaten back from the last few metres of Kurodake due to very … Continue reading Kamikawa & Kurodake, Hokkaido; Japan