Kota Kinabalu, Borneo; May 2017

KK is just a town - a hub to get things done. There is nothing particularly remarkable about it. Well, that's not true - the night market is excellent. It is, however, a great place to stage other activities from. The mountain bearing a similar name brought me to the town. I'd built in a … Continue reading Kota Kinabalu, Borneo; May 2017

Arran Coastal Path, Scotland; April 2017

On a brighter morning than the forecast suggested we sailed to Brodick, the small port on the East of Arran. The ferry was absolutely packed and it seemed there was a memo for all and sundry to spill forth onto the little island, the so called Scotland in miniature. The plan was to walk the Arran Coastal … Continue reading Arran Coastal Path, Scotland; April 2017

Chrome Hill, Peaks; April 2017

A walk on a glorious day through the environs of Buxton, which, whilst out of the national park, is nestled in the Peaks. The sun was shining and it felt more like summer than an early spring day which kept me going through the early dull sections of the walk. It's always a bit tricky … Continue reading Chrome Hill, Peaks; April 2017

Norikura-Dake & Around, Japanese Alps.

A great few days here walking and climbing. The hiking season was still a little way off as they get a lot of snow here. So it was ice axe and crampons and cutting steps which is very tiring, but it was worth getting onto one of the Norikura peaks for some great views. The … Continue reading Norikura-Dake & Around, Japanese Alps.

Two Days Along the Dales Way

Mike and I were always planning on walking over Easter, but Mike wasn't too keen on difficult terrain (i.e. off piste etc) so I suggested the Dales Way between Ilkley and Dent. After an early start we got to Ilkley and the nice man inside Betty's Cafe let us buy a couple of Simnel Fat … Continue reading Two Days Along the Dales Way

Cape Wrath Trail Plans

A friend and I have decided to walk (some of) the Cape Wrath Trail; I would like to do the whole path, but with trips to Japan and Georgia taking up significant amounts of holiday time we've elected to pare down the route and have decided to walk from Strathcarron to Cape Wrath. The genesis … Continue reading Cape Wrath Trail Plans

Hebden Bridge (yep, again) to Sowerby Bridge

I originally intended to get out to the Dales this weekend, but my friend and I were planning on cooking Burns Supper for a few folk and the timings would have not worked for people wanting to eat food before midnight. That's happened before... I thought about a few alternatives, but given the fact we … Continue reading Hebden Bridge (yep, again) to Sowerby Bridge

Hebden Bridge to Haworth and back over the Tops

It was with some satisfaction that I spotted a band of wintry weather heading our way towards the end of the week and I planned a familiar walk in the snow to take advantage of what's not the most common of weather types in England. I would just say that you shouldn't blunder out into the snow … Continue reading Hebden Bridge to Haworth and back over the Tops