Hebden Bridge to Haworth and back over the Tops

It was with some satisfaction that I spotted a band of wintry weather heading our way towards the end of the week and I planned a familiar walk in the snow to take advantage of what’s not the most common of weather types in England.

I would just say that you shouldn’t blunder out into the snow without taking sufficient warm clothes, extra provisions and the ability to navigate without line of site and, if you are somewhere particularly exposed, escape routes. Weather of this type can turn a tough hike to a survival situation in an instant. I’ve been at the point where I’ve had to consider bivouacking when it looked like I was benighted once and that’s something I am in no rush to repeat.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 00.36.32

The walk is basically my training walk as it costs me next to nothing transport (£2.60 on the train return) and has a variety the landscapes you pass through. I probably walk this every three months or so as I find it a way to keep sharp as it’s got a decent amount of climbing through the route and I never have to consider navigation so I can keep a good clip up.

Broadly speaking the hike goes through the National Trust’s Hardcastle Crags and then joins the Pennine Way to Top Withens. Then follows the Bronte Way to Haworth and finally past a small reservoir back over the tops to Hardcastle Crag carpark. It’s very satisfying and can be adjusted to be extended or shortened with ease.

I had a great time and a first long lone walk since the early autumn so a day of listening to my favourite podcasts as well as Korn for the uphill sections! The weather was poor right not the tops and I met a fellow hiker coming the other way informing me it was a white out up ahead. He wasn’t kidding and there was horizontal snow and some significant gusts of wind, but nothing overly remarkable. As I started to finish up the walk I met with similar conditions again, but it soon became relatively calm and just some fun in the snow!

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