Guiseley to Ilkley over the Moor

I decided I had better start hiking more regularly after a period with not much walking whilst I was out of the country and making craft beer brewers noticeably richer. I adore hiking, but sometimes a part of me forgets this and I struggle to get out in the morning – particularly when Yorkshire Mire is the dominant weather type. Nevertheless I arranged with my walking Partner, Mike, to have a blowing away the cobwebs walk to kick-start 2015. It was a straightforward route over Ilkley Moor (Rombald’s Moor really) over terrain I knew well so navigation wasn’t an issue and we could just enjoy the walk.

GPS Route

The weather was not pleasant; a chill wind constantly tried to blow us back to where we had come from and, whilst I have seen (or not seen I suppose!) far worse visibility walking, it was no day for stunning vistas. The wind often prevented easy conversation and mike just looked at me and remarked, “grim…” on more than one occasion. My boots are on their last legs, letting in water – and retaining it brilliantly. Going down mud was a problem due to the lugs having worn and so the top of the moor going towards the mud was not my favourite place on earth. That soon passed and we were in Ilkley in a warm hostelry before we knew it. It was enjoyable and I was pleased to get a walk, even a modest 12 miles, under my belt. It then led us to discuss plans for the years walking which are hopefully going to include Japan, Scotland and Georgia – I can’t wait to get my fitness fully back and be tackling the tougher stuff again! I didn’t take too many pictures and by that I mean I took two! P1000578


I’ve not figured out how to add GPS files to this as yet, but I will work on that!


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