Chrome Hill, Peaks; April 2017

A walk on a glorious day through the environs of Buxton, which, whilst out of the national park, is nestled in the Peaks. The sun was shining and it felt more like summer than an early spring day which kept me going through the early dull sections of the walk. It’s always a bit tricky when you start a walk in a reasonably sized town as you’re obliged to walk through suburbia first. Until lunch I remained sceptical, but then the Derbyshire Dales opened up to us and there was some wonderful landscapes to behold.

Chrome (rhymes with room) hill itself is quite modest by any standards, but makes up for it with oodles of gnarly character and fun to be had skipping around the rocks along it’s craggy spine.

The walk back goes through a testing site of some sort which is full of mysterious equipment and reminded me quite a lot of the shadowy organisations one man wrecking ball Jack Bauer would storm.


The day finished in fine fashion at the Buxton Brewery Tap which is the tap of my absolute favourite beer maker. The drink was absolutely outstanding and it’s already had me contriving more routes to take it in at the end!


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