Penyghent & Whernside, Yorkshire Dales NP; November 2016

I’ve neglected hiking for the latter part of this year – Yes I did my annual long distance path in Scotland, managed a couple of Lakes Weekends, but that daily hiking, which I used to be really good at maintaining, has slipped by the wayside somewhat. Now, that’s for various reasons none of which are a changing attitude to hiking, but it’s something I need to correct and so, hopefully, I’m going to get out at least three times a month.

I think the last time I went to the Dales was in Spring and it was nice to get back. We had a storm move through the UK earlier this week which fell as snow on the peaks. There were still some patches around which require care and some of the paths have been compacted into slippery icy affairs which can be very hazardous. I put my crampons on for one section coming off Penyghent (I’d look stupid if I slipped and had them packed away on my back) and whilst I was doing this someone without protection turned round to go back over the Bracken Bottom Side and another group ascending turned back to the village.

The weather was fantastic and it was a pleasure to be out in it, but the wintery parts slowed me down resulting in a missed train and the hardship of a couple of pints in the Station Inn.

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