Black Sheep Brewery & Middleham Brewery, Yorkshire Dales; November 2016

My friend from university organised a trip to the Dales to stay in a cottage around a trip to the Black Sheep Brewery which is in Masham (Mas-Ham) a pleasant market town with many avenues to add to your waistline!

I was a little anxious about the beer as my tastes have moved on since I used to drink ale regularly. Also in the Lakes recently I really struggled to enjoy drinking pints of the stuff. However, I shouldn’t have worried because they look after their beer there and, whilst it’s not rocking any massive innovation, it’s all very quaffable. However, their attempts at craft beer are not quite there yet.

The cottage itself was a lovely converted barn with a real fire which was a blast to sit around drinking and playing games. Good times.

The next day we went to see Middleham Castle which is famously one of Richard III’s residents. He’s a divisive figure, but this is a very fine castle – or what remains of it. if you are in the area it’s worth the trip and kids will love it.


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