Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; May 2017

After spending one day in Malacca I had a couple of days in KL. At first I wasn't too impressed with the city - I was enjoying being in the country. However, I warmed to it in the end, but really near the end - as I was walking in the evening to get the … Continue reading Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; May 2017

Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park, Nagano; Japan

My friend is a primate keeper and really wanted to go and see the Snow Monkeys (Macaca fuscata) and who was I to argue? Monkeys are¬†amazing after all. We spent a long time amongst them watching them knock about, feed, fight and play. They are endlessly fascinating. There was a¬†brief moment when I thought one … Continue reading Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park, Nagano; Japan