Ancient Delphi, Greece; October 2016

Apparently Zeus worked out that Delphi was the centre of the world by setting off two eagles from the extremities of his domain and seeing where they met. Seems flawless to me and I assume those cars we all think Google are photographing streets are actual perpetually colliding to map the world accurately.

Delphi’s provenance aside it’s easy to see why this place was considered to be the centre of culture and a place fought over for centuries. The views down the lush valley are fantastic and the cliffs that back the site could very well be a stairway to heaven!

I preferred wandering though this site to the, architecturally at least, more impressive Acropolis as the isolation puts me more in mind of, say, Petra and the rare peek into the past without looking up and seeing graffiti or hundreds of selfie sticks. The stadium, high up in pines, was a highlight for me, but all of it was a real wonder.





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