Chitwan NP, Bhaktapur & Kathmandu; Nepal.

After the trekking was done it was time to check out some of the other sites of Nepal. There was a nice distraction in Chitwan for a few days (I’d been laid low by an illnesss in a pleasant mountain town), but the outstanding place was Bhaktapur. Even though it was close to Kathmandu it felt a world a part and less damaged by the earthquake. Some great temples and awesome King Curd which I had an artery clogging amount of; I should have listened to the words of the vendor who said, “you are my customers for three days” after he asked how long I was visiting. Kathmandu itself had its moments, but real sites of interest are spread out and difficult to pack into a day. I expect many would argue with me over that, but I I’ve been to my share of Asian cities now and Kathmandu doesn’t rank aside from to say the Nepalese are almost universally welcoming and friendly.


One thought on “Chitwan NP, Bhaktapur & Kathmandu; Nepal.

  1. Wow Mark the photo of the two rhinos is amazing. Not sure how many rhinos there in Chitwan National Park (in 2013) but I can tell you that the two I managed to photograph and have recently posted looks like a pair of rocks.
    All the photos look so rich all together… such an amazing beautiful place.
    My blog (at this stage) almost entirely focuses on the two Everest Base camp treks. Come visit.


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