Bandar Seri Begawan, Borneo; May 2017

A day in BSB the capital of Brunei. Now, there is plenty to do in Brunei with time and money such as visiting the rainforest to name one. However, a day restricted to the capital does not exactly scream opportunity.

This is entirely my fault – I was passport stamp hunting and got my comeuppance! However, I spent the day with a couple of nice people and so it was nice to relax for a day and I have no complaints.

I checked out the Water Village (one of the world’s largest I understand) and a couple of museums – a history museum (looked like someone printed out the wikipedia page for Brunei and pasted it on the walls) and a museum celebrating the sultan which had a couple of interesting photos.

One thought on “Bandar Seri Begawan, Borneo; May 2017

  1. Nice pictures you got there! Thanks for a visit to our country, do come again! Next month there will be Hari Raya celebration, which is something the locals are looking forward to. You should check it out šŸ˜


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