Playing with the new camera – along the canal to Hebden Bridge.

This week has been tough.

I’ve wanted to keep up my exercise routine as well as having to work long hours at work in order to complete a few projects before I am on leave. As I write this I am really feeling it and could do with just relaxing. I’ve managed to lose around 10 pounds or so in the last three weeks – basically since starting the Dales Way walk. I am lucky to be able to get of weight fast, but I really need to sort out my self control as I know yo-yoing weight is not great. I never get to be technically overweight – so it’s always in a “healthy weight” range, but I need to find a sustainable diet etc rather than the binary state of losing weight/gaining weight.


It was a beautiful morning today and so I thought I would take the new camera along the canal tow path to Hebden. Nice and easy and no risk of injury.

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